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    Enabling Medical Device Innovation

    nascentMD's team of physicians, engineers, and entrepreneurs work together to transform medical device concepts into reality. We support health care innovators by validating their ideas, securing intellectual property, performing proof-of-concept design and prototyping, and preparing the business model for sustainable funding.


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    High Potential Concept Validation

    The nascentMD High Potential Concept (HPC) Validation Matrix helps establish a foundation for your business model.  Quantifying the value added aspects of your HPC enables real-time monitoring of vital pre-investment venture progression.  This experience-based approach to Phase Zero product development enables the formation of a comprehensive strategy optimizing your path to funding and commercialization.


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    Taking Ideas to Market

    nascentMD facilitates transition to the Start-up Phase and beyond by bridging your venture to our trusted network of medical device industry collaborators.  These medical device specialists provide comprehensive product development services including prototyping, clinical testing and regulatory filing, FDA certified manufacturing, marketing, and distribution.


What We Do

nascentMD helps turn medical device ideas into marketable products. We support innovators in many ways including validating their concepts, securing intellectual property, proof-of-concept design and prototyping, clinical testing, and preparing the business model for sustainable funding. We’re able to achieve this and much more by leveraging our unique industry insight gained through three decades of practical commercial, clinical, and entrepreneurial experience.

Services Overview

  • Needs Analysis
  • Intellectual Property Framework
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Business and Strategic Planning
  • Regulatory and Clinical Support
  • Engineering and Prototyping
  • Funding Support

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About us

nascentMD is built on the experience of engineers, clinicians, executive business leaders, and entrepreneurs. Leveraging our diverse skill sets, practical based industry insight, and our vast network of trusted consultants and service providers, we can help you transform your medical device concept into a successful commercial reality.

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Mission Statement

"nascentMD supports medical device innovators from concept to commercialization while improving patient care in a cost effective manner."


“nascentMD discovered areas of our business model that led to major shifts in product development strategy that will likely have a significant positive impact on our bottom line."

-Founder, Lifeflow Technologies, Inc.

Welcome to nascentMD


nascentMD specializes in preparing ideas for commercialization by validating medical device High Potential Concepts (HPC’s) during the pre-investment stage of product development. Our team of engineers, physicians, and entrepreneurs is unique in a market fragmented by highly specialized disciplines and institutions overly focused on singular goals.  We have a wide variety of expertise and a diverse network of partners to help you with every aspect of making your nascent concept a reality.

Preparing your concept for success

By leveraging industry and clinical insight, nascentMD can maximize your product’s market potential.
We analyze all aspects of your idea in order to qualify it as a potentially fundable and successful venture.   This process includes specialist evaluation of key developmental indices such as clinical impact, marketability and reimbursement, design and manufacture feasibility, intellectual property protection, and start-up funding.  Upon completion of the validation study we will collaborate with our network of professional specialists to provide the essential framework to efficiently and effectively fund, prototype, test, manufacture, and launch your fully validated medical device.   If you feel you have a medical device High Potential Concept that warrants validation, contact nascentMD and allow us to help build your bridge to commercialization.